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Over 20 years experience


Painter and teacher Jody Joseph (on left) has been living, working and painting in central Italy since 1990.  She first went to the area as an art student, and later worked for 14 year as the Director of Residency and Continuing for the International School of Art, and its successor, the International School of Painting, Drawing & Sculpture, hosting hundreds of artists and students from all over the world, including many of her own from Canada. Joseph now brings artists and students to paint in her second home in Italy through Jody Joseph Art Workshops.

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“ARTist’s heaven”: 

What participants say:

“Dear Jody,

I've been meaning to write you to say what a terrific experience the workshop was. Your instruction and advice has really helped me so much, and pushed me in the right direction. Wish I could jet up to Canada regularly for your classes. The whole group of artists was pretty inspiring and of course the setting, food, studios, beautiful little town and nice people made it Artist's Heaven. If I could transport myself back there right now I would do it in a minute. So I bet you'll be seeing me again, and maybe for the whole three weeks next time unless one of the kids has a baby or something. A new grandbaby would have to trump the workshop, just barely.

Thanks for all your hard work and encourage-

ment. I hope you got a good rest after we left, and I hope we can stay in touch.”

Carol  (May 2012)