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Dianne Bos Pinhole Workshops in Italy.

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From 2007-2012  internationally-acclaimed artist Dianne Boss offered a 1 week pinhole photography course in beautiful Umbria, Italy--sunshine, rolling hills, a picture-perfect hilltown overlooking the Tiber River Valley, vineyards and olive groves, amazing local food and wine! This workshop offers a chance to explore pinhole photography, in the same environment where Leonardo da Vinci once experimented with similar image projection techniques.

No darkroom or camera experience is necessary. Great for beginners but also wonderful for those with some experience who would like to shot and develop pinhole photographs while in Italy.

Pinhole Photography is both a great way to learn about the principles of light and cameras as well as a magical way to make unique photo images.  In a location as beautiful as the Umbrian landscape surrounding Montecastello di Vibio you are guaranteed to create some stunning original images.

In this week long, hands-on course in beautiful Umbria you will explore the following processes:

-Experience the magic of pinhole photography by making your own camera and shooting and processing black and white prints using paper negatives.  It is also a painless way of learning darkroom techniques.  I guarantee you’ll get addicted!

-Learn to manipulate light in the darkroom and make photograms – a cameraless process. This technique can be used in conjunction with your pinhole negatives.

-Explore the creative potential of inexpensive medium-format plastic cameras.  I’ll bring a couple of cameras you can try out if you like. You may want to stick with pinhole and that’s fine!

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L:  Here I am in Italy making a pinhole camera from a book!

R:  Two of my favourite pinhole photographs from Montecastello

For complete images and to see more of my work, check out my website: www.diannebos.ca